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When I leave, I'm ditching this livejournal and moving to one I made like a million years ago.


add it if you want to read. i'll probably add you back. (some of you already have it)

This one is toast as of August 17th.

(there are seven underscores. I know it's annoying. I just don't feel like making another one.)
2 ; read cmnt

My aunt wants me to go back to South Carolina.
I'm not sure if I should.
8 ; read cmnt

If only I believed that you still give a shit.

I'm in love with the same old lie.


I hope you all live a long and prosperous life.



I hope you all fucking drop dead.

7 ; read cmnt

I want to make a new cd, but I am so bored with all of my mp3s.

I want something fun, upbeat...

Leave a comment with suggestions or send me the mp3 over AIM.

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